Wednesday, 2 September 2009

September 2009 - Sycamore Tree Bites the Dust

2nd September - sycamore tree bites the dust. This is the tree that was growing across the entrance to the drive. It was growing like a weed, and had some sort of disease on its leaves so we decided that it had to go.

I chopped the main branches down last week but the trunk remained so while the crane was here we used the crane to pull it out and the bottom photo is the end result.

The tree as it was

And here it is cut down and with the crane pulling it out!


  1. Hi Terry, it's beginning to look more like a house now, hope you get the roof on before the onset of bad weather. The flooring being unloaded looks a bit procarious, hope it landed safely.

  2. Thanks. The roof has its plastic covering on now and the roofers started this morning so fingers crossed! The weather is being pretty kind to us at the moment.


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