Saturday, 19 September 2009

September 2009 - Window Frames Arrive

On 19th September I drove down to Alpine Windows in Leeds to collect the window and door frames. The glass is not yet ready as we are waiting for the integrated blinds to arrive but we need the frames to be fitted so that we can get on with laying the blocks on the outside of the house. We checked the frames against the order and everything is present and correct so that's a good start!

The front door is coming from elsewhere and is due to arrive this coming Thursday.

French doors outside the house. We couldn't get this frame into the house as the scaffolding is in the way so it's resting outside for the time being!

Back door. this will be filled with solid panels rather than glass. There will just be a small window fitted into the square in the middle of the top half of the door.

Frames being stored in the new lounge

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