Friday, 5 March 2010

March 2010 - Ground Floor Screeding

On Monday the ground floor screeding was finally done. Luckily it was a nice day (as there was an outside bit to do) and the last few days have also been sunny and dry which has helped to dry the screed out. Unfortunately it's still not going to be ready to start tiling on Monday so we have put the tilers back 3 - 4 weeks but there are still other jobs to be getting on with. The screed was delivered in 2 loads and unfortunately there was a long wait between loads. The first load had already started to dry out so there is a noticeable join in the middle of the kitchen and the screeding company are going to have to come up again to smooth this out.

Here are some photos of the screeding being done and the dried out floor a couple of days later.

Screed being laid in the kitchen

Wet screed in the family room

Dry Screed in the kitchen (see the join where the second batch started that will have to be smoothed out)

Dry Screed in the dining room

Downstairs wet room showing where the wet room tray will go and the floor drain

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