Saturday, 30 January 2010

January 2010 - Naked!

The scaffolding is down and the house is now naked. It all happened a bit more quickly than planned (let's just say that there is a bit of a dispute with the scaffolding company) so it was a major rush to try to get the jobs finished for which I needed the scaffolding the main one being getting the top of the house painted. The weather put paid to this activity for 2 weeks before so the heat was on (well not literally as it's still freezing outside!) to try to get this task completed in 2 days. The super duper heavy duty paint sprayer that was purchased to speed things up packed up after 4 hours use so I was left with a paint roller and 2 days to finish the job. The paint sprayer is now winging its way back to the retailer for a refund (hopefully). Working from dawn until dusk I managed to get the painting done before the scaffolding came down the following morning.

The paint doesn't show up too well in the photos as the colour is not dissimilar to the colour of the render but you can just about see the line where the top half is painted and the bottom half is not. The house looks quite big now that the scaffolding is down.

Other than the painting I had planned to start the underfloor heating but it took an age to get the right floor insulation as the builders merchant delivered the wrong stuff initially. Now that it's finally come I hope to make a start this week. I hope that I can get the ground floor habitable in the next 8 weeks. Once the underfloor heating is in the finishing off can begin - painting, internal doors, skirting, flooring, fitting of the sanitary wear and kitchen.

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