Saturday, 16 January 2010

January 2010 - Snow, Snow, Snow

The weekend before Christmas the snow started in earnest and only really stopped a couple of days ago.

I had intended to get quite a lot done over the Christmas and New Year period but moving out of our Kent house unexpectedly the week before Christmas, and going to a wedding during Christmas week put us about 7 days behind and then because the builders merchants all close down for 2 weeks over Christmas I couldn't get hold of the materials I needed until the New Year.

The 2 most urgent jobs are painting the outside of the house so that the scaffolding can come down, and getting the floor insulation and underfloor heating put down so that the ground floor can be screeded and the finishing off can begin and then there might be some danger of actually predicting a moving in date!

The week the builders merchants reopened after New Year the snow was quite heavy and prevented the lorries from delivering materials so I only really got going again during the second week in January. As the temperatures are below freezing currently and I need to get the house painted as a matter of urgency so that we can get rid of the scaffolding we have had to order oil based masonery paint (piolite) as water based paint cannot be used in these freezing conditions. The paint turned up during lthis week but the weather was pretty dire so not much progress has been made. Putting the paint on with the spray gun I already wasn't successful as the paint gun wasn't up to the job so I have just purchased a heavy duty paint sprayer and I hope it will speed everything up and also be used to paint the inside of the house. If it does the job promised it will be £300 well spent. Just waiting for a dry day now so that I can get going!

The floor insulation was also delivered this week in driving rain and after lugging it all into the house it appears that they have delivered the wrong one so it might all need to be carried back out again!

Other jobs to do currently include fitting the thermal store for our heating system and getting the shower tray / drain sorted out for the downstairs wet room. I'm doing most of these jobs myself so it's going to take a while. So much to do, so little time!

Now that the snow has melted the site is like a swamp and the dogs get plastered in mud. That's pretty much the worse thing about this build at this time of year.

Some snowy photos from last week:

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  1. Hi Terry & Karen

    I bet you won't want to go camping ever again will you?? The builders merchants down here also close for almost 2 weeks so you are not alone in not be able to get supplies. Hope to see the completed house on here soon!


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